Sweden Roadtrip

We were more than happy to become the owner of an ocean blue VW T3 that we bought in autumn last year. During July last summer we finally managed to take two weeks off and start our first road trip to Sweden. Before we were able to start, there were several things we needed to take care of, including a huge shopping-list and some last minute emergency repairing.
Exited? Let me take you on a ride.

We decided to drive overland and started our trip on a saturday night, to have the chance to get out of the city without any traffic jam. After a short rest somewhere between Germany and Denmark, we arrived in Malmö at eleven o’clock in the morning. As we got out the bus, Sweden welcomed us with summer heat and bright sunshine. We strolled around the old town and took a walk to the beach, which is just nearby. Almost everyone comes together here during these warm summer days. The quarter of Västra Hamnen is the perfect spot for sunbathers and to taste delicious soft-ice. The Sundspromenaden is obviously the place to be on hot summer days. So no wonder, it just took us a few minutes to changes in our bathing clothes and jump right into the boltic sea, for a bigger splash. The air smells like salt, laughter and freedom.

We stayed here overnight and decided to make Öland our next stop. The island on the east coast of Sweden overwhelmed us with beautiful nature and picture-perfect small villages. We found this tiny parking space, which was more comparable to a meadow and nearby the ocean. The area has been super equipped. Besides sanitary facilities one can find a fireplace and some neat rest areas made out of wood. The small town with its lined up typical red Sweden houses is called Isegärde and surrounded by woodland and the open sea. It is just a short walk through a forest to reach the next village, where one can find a lovely café a healthy juice bar and a deli, all placed around a sailboat harbor.


Rest area in Isegärde/Öland


Our blue VW Bus in the center of Stockholm

We fell in love with this beautiful place and stay for a couple of days before we make our way to Stockholm. As we figured that the way is still quite long, we decided to make one more stop in Hammarglo. We found a place, where we can park the Bulli right next to the sea. No one else to be seen.

As we arrived in Stockholm the next evening, we found a parking area in the city center by pure accident. Lucky us! In the harbor of Östermalm, the street is called „Strandvägen“ one can stay with a camper for 24 hours for just 10 euro. After our trip through the countryside, we truly enjoyed the dynamic and vibrating city of Stockholm. We got a great overview of the city by walking through the old town „Gamla Stan“ where one can find sweet shops and cafés as well as the best ice-cream in town. In the evening we took a long walk on the island „Djurgarden“. Here I recommend to you the open-air museum called Skansen. You can get insights in the traditional crafts and enjoy a wonderful view over the metropolitan city.


Sunshine and lush green fields define Swedens countryside

We found this spot in the middle of Sweden, Skagern Lake

We found this spot in the middle of Sweden, Skagern Lake

On our way to our next destination we rushed through coniferous forest and ended up finding another charming place for our own. This time we spent some days at a large beach right at the Skagern Lake in the middle of Sweden. After a dinner at the beach, with homemade salads and wine, we decided to collect some dry wood to make our first campfire. Seeing the sun drops down in infinite horizon of Sweden landscape, it occurs to me, that this vacation is probably the most unique experience. The wilderness around us and the chance to stay wherever whenever you find a special place, makes it very convenient.

Fiers our last stops turns out to be the complete opposite. This hidden spot is located right at a lake in the middle of a enchanting forest embedded within giant stone formation. During the afternoon some people from the near neighborhood came by for a swim, else wise we have been on our own. This has been a great spot to relax before heading to Gothenburg.
Here we stayed for 2 more days and really enjoyed the old town, the young dynamic atmosphere and great crafted beer. After some shopping, and culinary delights we ended our road trip and took the ferry back home.

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