How to spend 4 days in fascinating Ubud

Ubud is a small town deep in the mountainous inland of Bali. You will find the oldest spiritual center of the “The islands of Gods” amongst lush rice paddy fields and pure jungle. It contains a creative surrounding with lots of beauty and tradition. This is a quick travel guide. Find your  individual inspiration for a four day stay in Ubud.

Ubud is different to any other place we’ve got to know on Bali. It symbolises the virtual interface of old traditions and the fast pace of nowadays globalisation. It’s magical somehow. If you are on the right track, there is still so much beauty to find. For a long time the city has been known as a mystical place, rich in spirituality and healing power.


Travel adventure: Day 1 in Ubud

Enjoy organic food & chill at the pool

When we first arrived in Ubud I think one can say it was love at first sight. We stayed in the wonderful Royal Villa Jepun just five minutes away from the city center by scooter. The bungalows were clean, beautiful and well decorated. Considering the nice and clean pool area, the loving staff and the delicious breakfast they served each morning we were more than satisfied with the choice we made. The hotel is affordable and a perfect accomodation for couples and backpackers. On our first day we relaxed and made a walk through the city to get a first impression and enjoyed organic food at The Elephant, which is just around the corner of our hotel.

The Royal Villa Jepun
Adress: Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
T: +62 361 970012

The Royal Villa Jepun in Ubud

The Royal Villa Jepun in Ubud


Enjoying the refreshing pool in the heat of the afternoon.


Beautiful bungalows in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. You can also enjoy your breakfast on your own porch.

Travel adventure: Day 2 in Ubud

Visiting the Monkey Forest must be on your bucket list

The next morning we woke up early and therefore decided to visit the Monkey Forest at the end of Monkey Forest Road. At first I was really scared, but luckily I became close friends with some monkey babys. The park is a must see while in Ubud. It’s beautifully set up and so much fun!  But make sure to come early in the morning, when it is not too crowded. At that day we felt so dynamic and energetic that we decided to drive all the way to the Sidemen paddy fields. It took us about an hour. It was totally worth it!

Explore the outstanding nature of Sidemen paddy fields

The rice fields are fascinating plus we haven’t seen any tourist groups at all. We drove all the way through the fields until we passed the Surya Shanti Villa, where we had a delicious lunch with the most amazing view. This resort lays in the middle of paddy fields, basically in the middle of nowhere and is a great escape for anyone, who can spend a little more on accomodation. By coincidence we blundered into a cockfight that happened around the corner. This has been an interesting and disturbing experience at the same time. Before we headed out for dinner that day we had a Balinese massage that cost around 50.000 IDR. The Alchemy restaurant in Penastanan village, about 2km south of central Ubud is relativley new on the scene. It’s already well known for its raw salad bar, vegan food and raw chocolate bites, which are so smooth and juicy – you need to try them yourself. A great spot for the vegan community and an inspiring culinary evening for us.

Surya Shanti Villa
Adress: Banjar Tebola, Sidemen, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesien
+62 852-3734-5574


Our trip to Sidemen – lush green surrounding.

Nature dipped in lush green.

Sidemen is welln known for its paddy fields.


Surya Shanti Villa in the middle of nowhere is a paradise for travellers.


Spicy tuna with thyme potatos and green vegetables for lunch at Surya Shanti Villa

Travel adventure: Day 3 in Ubud

Visiting the local market & take your camera with you

We woke up early and visited the local market in the center of Ubud. This market runs from 4 – 8 am, afterwards they change it into a souvenir market for tourists. So it’s worth it to stand up early and get to know the traditional market. It’s croweded, noisy and so much fun. We tried some of the sweets they offer as well as some Salak (Snakefruits), which soon turned out to be one of our favourite fruits during the trip. For me the market has been really inspiring for taking pictures with my old analog camera. I just love the colours and vibrating atmosphere before sunrise.

The same day we booked a mountain bike tour, which turns out to be a beautiful downhill tour with some great spots for photos. It has been a nice venture and fun experience to bike through paddy fields and pictorial landscapes. And trust me, they always spoil you with delicious food during your acitvities. Later that day we hung out at the pool and had some fine cuisine experience at restaurant Abels, southern part of Ubud.


The daily market in Ubud runs from 4 – 6 am.


Get inspired at the local market in Ubud.


Women in traditional clothes – I’ve been very much inspired by all the colours.


During our bike ride we had a fantastic view to Mount Agung with its 3142 meters. It’s still active and the highest vulcano on the island.

Travel adventure: Day 4 in Ubud

Cooking balinese food

Another fun thing to do in Ubud is to take part of a Balinese cooking class. We made quiet a few different dishes, including Balinese soup, chicken curry, tuna in banana leaves, satay sticks and long bean salad. It’s a great way to approach Balinese culture. Besides culinary traditions, we learnt how to create our very own prayer offerings. Once you visit Ubud you may notice all the little trays of woven baskets cradling sweets, flowers or tiny portions of rice on a banana leaf. These offerings you’re sure to find on the ground every morning. So mind your step! The spiritual offerings are very important to Balinese life, culture and religion.


All the ingredients you need for a traditional Balinese dish.


Our selfmade prayer offerings with all kind of exotic flowers.



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