Explore the beaches of Lombok

Lombok is on of those places, I truly fell in love with. It’s just a 20 minutes flight from Bali to reach the island, where one will find untouched beautiful landscapes. In the south of Lombok the small fishing village Kuta still holds on to its peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Anyone who loves to surf is most welcome in this place. Enjoy this Lombok travel guide to get to know all the adventurous activities on the island.


Enjoying the marvelous viewpoint at the hills around Tanjung Aan Beach

Besides some breathtaking beaches and great viewpoints, Lomboks south is best known for great surf spots all along the coastline. Compared to its way more famous sister Bali, Lombok still remains an insidertipp amongst backpackers. During our time in Kuta we stayed in a bungalow high up the mountain, called Kuta Cabana Lodge. Each morning we enjoyed the view over the vast wildernes of palm trees from our generous porch.

Lomboks surfers paradise – Blanak Selotong Beach

After some great breakfast including banana pancakes and omelett we used to drive down the western coastline to reach Blanak Selotong Beach. This beach is a great surf spot for beginners. This is when we discovered about our new passion. After some surf lessons we got addicted to this fun watersport. It takes around 30 minutes by scooter to reach this small sufer paradise. On our way we passed the most beautiful land scenery, herds of water buffalos, endless tobacco farms and a handful of restaurants and stores. As we love to get in touch with native people we usually stopped by a couple of friendly farmers to share some coconut juice and pratice our Indonesian. Eduk and his family are just a few of the most friendly and peaceful people we met during our stay.


Beautiful view on our way to Selotong Beach


Cows at the Blanak Selotonk Beach / South Lombok

Breathtaking viewpoint at Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is just another beach that is worth a visit. Warung Turtle is a tiny restaurant that offers deck chairs and sun umbrellas to make the most of your day at Tanjung Aan. We usually had a Nasi Goreng and a couple of delicious mango and pineapple juices. But I have to admit that after travelling for a while the beach itself did not impress me too much. Its the view from high up the hills that left us speechless. To climb up the hills around Tanjung Aan beach is something you do not want to miss. It’s beautiful to oversee the whole area and to enjoy the feeling of endless freedom. On our way back to Kuta we have dropped by the Drop-In Café. This adorable place makes you feel right at home and convinced me with its charming atmosphere and delicious western style food. We extended our stay in Kuta and stayed for almost a week, before heading north to the Gili Islands.


I just loved the Tanjung Aan Beach / South Lombok

If you climb up the hills around Taanjung Aan you will get reward with a breathtaking view


Capturing the beautiful landscapes around Tanjung Aan

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