This is why I love the art of Collage

The art of collage offers me a space of creativity. It’s some sort of meditation. I can spend hours working on my living room floor on rainy Sundays. I just love to discover beautiful fashion advertisements, old newspaper articles or family pictures in order to cut and reconstruct. In the end I put it all together in a totally new context. While doing collages I approach the field of colours and textures intuitively. I still prefer to do my collages analog. But at some point I started to experiment with digital collages.

Collage is a quick way to create new abstract ideas

The endless source of images the internet provides is somehow comparable to a playground for creativity. Someone who knows how to create modern collages of style is Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo. He took the art of collages to a new level. I’ve been following his work for quite a while now and am no surprised he gained international popularity in such a short time. His works are published by ELLE, Izzue, InStyle, Glamour and many more. Designers as well are interested in his collages. He somehow manages to create a fascinating world between him as a photographer and a collage artist.

It will be a good way to improve my own skills, if I have someone to look up to. Nevertheless it’s  important to translate my imagination into an own artistic language. Find some of my work here and my first digital collages below.


Digitale Drapage05 Kopie

Digitale Drapage07 Kopie

Digitale Drapage06 Kopie

“The creation of an art collage from the soul is an inner journey that allows your soul to speak to you. Your soul’s voice can be heard through the images, feelings and insights that surface.” Kathleen Carrillo


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